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Patio gardening

A good planting plan can turn hard space into a natural environment for outdoor living.

SL Landscape are leading chelmsford services in patio shrubs, It can carry your interior schemes into the landscape with color and fragrance. Planting solves problems with beautiful living things. It offers a changing face with the seasons. A poorly designed planting plan does little for the quality of the space, increases maintenance, compromises square footage and negatively impacts your enjoyment of the patio.

our terrace, patio or deck may experience all sorts of activities in many seasons. Your designer must ensure the planting works equally well for all of them. Don’t just gloss over the patio planting because this is where a finely wrought planting plan can make your outdoor living spaces more than a patio, they become a three dimensional environment.

Don’t oversize plants.

By far the most common mistake is using plants that crowd your limited patio space. Double check that every plant matures within the height and diameter provided. You should not have to prune or clip a plant to keep it in bounds. When you do there’s not only additional maintenance, you sacrifice its natural beauty. Remember, after your designer moves on to another project, you’ll remain tied to these decisions for many years to come. Get a list of small patio trees.

Don’t use sharp plants.

Plants that bear spines or thorns are painful when located near patios. The recent interest in succulent plants such as agaves often overlooks the potentially dangerous spines on each leaf tip. These can badly scratch a leg or wreck havoc on dressy party clothing. If and when children are present, they too are vulnerable because eye level is far lower than with adults. Be careful what you plant in raised planters, along seatwalls, in narrow passage ways, dining areas and at poolside.  Major offenders: Roses, cactus, succulents, holly.

For further information on chelmsford services in patio shrub, don’t hesitate to give us a call. A member of our team will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.