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front garden design in Chelmsford

front garden design in Chelmsford, even the smallest space can be green and inviting, while providing room for a car or two. These simple design solutions show you how.

Quick facts on front garden design in Chelmsford

  • Keep paving to a minimum
  • Use permeable paving materials
  • Grow plants where you can’t park; any dead space
  • Get creative. It is possible to park and garden
  • Provide a home for wildlife with your plants
  • Keep dust and pollution on the street with a hedge

Striking a balance

Front gardens help turn our towns and cities into green and pleasant places to be. Yet many are being paved over to provide parking for the millions of cars we own in Great Britain.

There’s no limit to what you can grow in your front garden, but here is a selection of plants that will thrive in most situations. All have been chosen because they are tough and won’t need too much cosseting. Whatever your space, and even if there is no soil to plant in, there’s always something suitable.

You can combine paving for parking with an attractive garden with plants. Leave planting pockets in paving or gravel to ensure there is soil for them to grow in, rather than hardcore or a bed of concrete.

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