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installing garden ponds in Braintree

Installing the perfect garden pond

SL Landscape are experts in installing garden ponds in Braintree, Water gardens add a unique dimension to homes and even with limited space, you can design a water feature that brings the beauty of nature into your backyard.


Having a precise plan is the best way to start your water garden. This will allow you to incorporate things like filtration and other equipment into your design.

1.  BUDGET – Determining your budget will influence the style and size of your water feature. Remember, building a water garden is an investment that can add value to your home. Planning ahead will not only prevent mistakes but will also save you time and money.

2.  CHOOSING THE CORRECT POND TYPE – After you have decided on your budget, a style can be selected. Styles include liner ponds, pre-formed ponds, self-contained water features and waterfalls.


✘  Don’t place your pond in an area that always stays wet.

✘  Don’t choose a position close to overhanging trees because falling leaves will contaminate the water.

✘  Don’t dig in an area where there are power cords below ground.

✓  Do choose a level site in an area which gets sunlight for at least half the day.

✓  Do position the pond where it can be easily observed from the house.

Always use a circuit breaker or GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) with any pond equipment installation.

4.  DETERMINE THE SIZE OF THE FEATURE – The only limit to the size, shape and style of your water feature is your imagination. Plan ahead to know which size and shape of pond will incorporate into your landscape.

5.  KEEP IT LOOKING NATURAL – Making sure your pond blends in with your landscape will help keep your pond looking natural. When choosing rocks, make sure they vary in size. Adding plants and fi sh is also a great idea as they bring color and interest to a pond.

6.  POND LIGHTING – Incorporating pond lighting is a great way to truly enjoy your water feature at night. They beautifully compliment features and focal points and will help turn your backyard into a stunning retreat.

7.  SAFETY – Excavating the hole for a large pond can be a strenuous job – ask the help of friends, family or rent appropriate equipment and look after your back!

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