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Sourcing good quality turf is the key to give your lawn the best start. Laying it down properly is just a sensible thing to do with your investment!

Here at SL Landscape lawn turfing techniques chelmsford specialists, we are Start by rolling out and laying the first row to form your border. When you get to the end cut off any excess and if possible use it to start the next row. If the border curves or contours try using a sharp knife or garden scissors to cut an initial rough shape. Once the turf has rooted you can put in the final smooth edge with a half moon edging tool.

Once this first row is rolled out put a scaffold board on top to act as a walkway. This has the added benefit of tamping down the turf for good soil contact.

Consecutive rows can now be built up as in the series of diagrams remembering to stagger the turf rolls just like you would bricks in a wall. Butt ends and sides of the turf rolls up to each other making sure the gaps are minimal and there is no overlapping. More boards or planks will also be needed for walkways.

If the laid area is more than 50m2 or has taken more than a few hours it may have started to dry. In this case start watering with the hose and sprinkler whilst continuing to lay the rest of the turf.