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Every small garden is unique – whether it’s a tiny courtyard, a balcony or just the limited space that so many of us survey from the living room.

each one can be transformed into a special place, a retreat from the world outside.

Looking for specialists who can create ideas for small garden design in Chelmsford, SL Landscape are the company for you. SL Landscape specialises in making attractive gardens out of these spaces to meet the needs of the individuals who use them. That could mean a sophisticated ‘outdoor room’ in which to socialise, a plant haven with stunning borders or, perhaps, a multi-purpose venue in which the adults can relax while the children play.

We know that the limitations of these gardens make good design and careful planning particularly important. Limited space is rarely the only problem. Small gardens often lack of privacy and direct sunlight, they may be an awkward shape or span a steep slope, noise and pollution might be regular intruders. Whether you are seeking a complete overhaul of your garden or just modest improvements, we are keen to use our small garden expertise in rising to the challengers.

Our service is underpinned by the belief that garden design should not be expensive. We try to retain existing parts of the garden that work well and integrate them into our designs and, when a landscaping service is required, ensure the work is done well, on time and within your budget. Our priority is to deliver a stress free experience and to prove that even the least promising space can be transformed into a garden you can survey with pride.

For specialists advice on how to tackle small garden design in Chelmsford, Our team here at SL Landscape will be more than happy to chat with you. Call us today on 07538 621616. or fill out our contact form. A member of our team will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.